Sutura Kids Sewing Classes

The Sutura Kids program has been featured on television and in newspaper as a unique sewing program for kids ages 9-16.

Children can choose to create a garment of their choice, a fun item such as a soft toy or mermaid tail, or make an accessory like a backpack. Using a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing methods kids can express their unique creativity.

This program is available to home schoolers and as a fun after school activity. 

There is also a Summer Camp for the kids. 2019 is our 4th Annual Sutura Kids Camp!

Sutura Start

Use simple hand sewing skills to make a little softie or set of doll clothes. Kids learn fine motor skills and the basics of stitching while making fun projects. Perfect for kids ages 9-12 years old. The cost includes one $7 - $9 project. This is also a great option for birthday parties, Mommy and Me, Grandma and Me or holiday fun. Please at least 2 weeks in advance. 1 Session, 1.5 hours.


Sutura Kids

This weekly program allows kids to truly shine! Using a sewing machine to make their chosen project, kids can develop math, artistic and social skills as they work together. Get a group together and book us! Minimum 4 students. This program can be held during the day for home schoolers (think about the home economics courses that were done in the past!), after school or on a school break.


Your Summer Camp

Build your own fun summer camp for 2019! Get some friends together for a stitchin' good time! Perfect for ages 9 and up Sutura Camp allows campers to explore their creativity while having a blast! Our location has playground and large grassy area for games and fun! Kids can make 1-2 sewing projects per week. M-F. Your choice: 8:30 - 12:00 am OR 12:30 - 4:30


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Contact Us

Phone: Toll Free USA: 1-800-317-5892


Visit Sutura Fabrics Studio

The Sutura Sewing Studio is located in Memphis Tennessee. The Sewing Studio is open before and after every class to give students time to pick up supplies, set up machines and tidy up after class. Additionally, the studio is open by appointment for sewing parties and private classes.

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