It's National Sewing Month! Learn to sew for free with our online Beginner Sewing Classes! 

Please download your Novice Sewing Class Projects before each class.

Already know how to sew? Enjoy our online Sunday Sew-cials and get together with other sewists for fun sewing time! Each week during National Sewing Month, we have a fun project planned. To participate, just JOIN the group that works best for you!

The Memphis Soul Stitchers (Intermediate to Advanced) or Beginner Sewing Class (Novice through Beginners)

Clicking will take you to our MeetUp Page where you can join or groups and register for sewing classes. To see a complete list of current programs, visit our Classes Page.

Setting Up for Sewing Success

At Sutura Fabrics we have a passion for sewing fashion, creating quilts and stitching beautiful embroidery!

We love getting together with those who share our passion in-person and online! We have classes and workshops for every sewing level. Sew, to make your stitching time more productive, please enjoy the free sewing guides below.

To download the guides just click the photograph and the .pdf file will appear. The Sutura Style Class Supply List is to the right.


Smooth Stitches

The Sutura Style Guide to Needles

There are many different types of sewing machine stitches, needles, and threads. Use these guides to choose the correct needle, stitch, and thread for your latest sewing project! From seams and hems to thread weights and plies, these guides are useful for beginners and experts alike.

Successful Stitches

Book 2 The Sutura Style Guide to Threads and Stitches


Demystify your machine. Learn the names for the various parts of the machine and the functions. This handy guide is ideal for new sewists who are following along with the Novice Sewing Programs. 


To sew perfectly fitted garments, you will need to take an accurate set of measurements. Use this handy guide to determine your pattern size for sewing success! Remember to double-check your measurements periodically, our bodies change a lot from season to season and even throughout the day. Use this guide during your Beginner Sewing Classes.


For the Novice Program, students will use a selection of beautiful quilting cotton fabrics for their first four projects. As your sewing skill level increases, the doors open to a glorious world of gorgeous fabrics. These come in an endless array of colors, styles, and textures. Use this handy guide to understand the basics.


Your sewing machine can do so many amazing things! The world of sewing, quilting, and home decor is rich in creative outlets. There are so many types of sewing machines, accessories, and tools to choose from, it is hard to decide what to buy. This student handbook for Beginner Sewing Classes and the companion YouTube Video, outlines the fifty most frequently used low-shank presser feet.

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