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The theme for the Row by Row Experience 2017 is On the Go!

At Designer Sewing Center, we are so excited about the 2017 Row by Row Experience* theme and the new Row by Row Juniors*. Starting in June, when you visit our shop you can get your free patterns for both Adult Rowers and Junior Rowers!

The Row by Row Experience 2017 is going to be the most fun ever!

Are you new to the Row by Row Experience?

This amazing international quilt shop hop and contest is wonderful to participate in. Quilters (fondly referred to as Rowers) visit shops throughout the United States, Canada and even Europe gathering free patterns at each shop. The pattern is for a nine and a half inch by thirty six inch block, called a row. Each participating shop has a prize to be awarded to the first quilter who completes an 8 row quilt. The quilt must be quilted, bound and labelled in order to be entered into the contest. The prizes are a bundle of fat quarters at every shop but of course we will be adding a fabulous Grand Prize just like last year to make it really worth your while to win with us!

This year our theme is "On the Go to Memphis". We had a wonderful time in Memphis, Tennessee earlier this year and we will be moving our shop to that wonderful city later in 2017. So, Sunbonnet Someone is crossing the bridge on her way to Beale Street in her Pink Cadillac! Just ahead of her is a Sunbonnet Cindy in her Cinderella Coach - the kind one finds just outside the renowned Peabody Hotel. With a tribute to the musical heritage of the city on each end of our row and the mighty Mississippi flowing along with a River Boat, we've got "On the Go" in Memphis covered! We look forward to seeing you in store, June 21, 2017-September 30, 2017.

If you want to compete for the Grand Prize for 2017 you will need our 2017 row on the front of the quilt and make a 2016 row and incorporate it into the back of your quilt. The Grand Prize will be awarded to the first person to complete the quilt with both our rows BEFORE JULY 30, 2017! And this year's Grand Prize is...

Congratulations to Cathleen Cryer of Lebanon for winning the Grand Prize!

Cathleen won the beautiful Brother embroidery machine, our fat quarter stack and the bonus of 12 quilt panels by finishing fast!

Click the Row Image to get a copy of the 2016 Row.

The row can be stitched up either horizontally as shown above or vertically as shown below:

Our prizes this year are better than ever! Following the rules the first person to win gets a stack of fat quarters. However, if the quilt features the Designer Sewing Center Row, the winner will also get a gift basket loaded with goodies! AND if your quilt features the 2016 Row on the back of the quilt - we are putting together QUITE THE GRAND PRIZE package as our way of saying "Thank-You" for your loyalty.

We will announce our Winners via our FaceBook page.

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