2018-2019 Soul Stitchers Block of the Month

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Use foundation piecing for crisp, clean lines and sharp corners that are the focal point of this modern quilt.

The Soul Stitchers 2019 Block of the Month.

Starting in September 2018 the Memphis Soul Stitchers will be making this modern, foundation pieced Block of the Month. Featuring nine 16 inch blocks, the quilt is large enough to use on a bed or as a large wall hanging.

Let's flip, pivot and turn!

In August 2018, a small group of us got together at our Third Thurdays to decide what kind of Block of the Month project we wanted to create this year. I had designed BOM for 3 previous years so I really wanted the group to decide. First, we looked at colors, shapes and styles. We checked out what other groups had done and what was trending. We decided to go with summer colors since the quilt will be finished in May. Online we discovered a quilt called "Lucky Stars" that we loved but it looked a little too complex for our beginner group. Undaunted, I went home and played around with EQ7 until I was able to draft a set of patterns that could be made with foundation piecing and featured increasingly difficult blocks so that our skill level improves each month.

Size Matters

The Soul Stitchers 2019 Block of the Month Quilt is designed at 72 inches square but can be adjusted in length to make a bed quilt by eliminating the corner border blocks and making the top and bottom borders wider. As shown, the borders are 2.5 inches and 5 inches. By doubling the top and bottom borders to 5 inches and 10 inches the finished quilt becomes 72 inches by 86 inches.

The quilt can also be made smaller by using 8 inch blocks to complete a simple wall hanging. This will yield a 39" square quilt that has sashes and a first border measuring 1.5 inches and the large borders are 3". Again, it is necessary to eliminate the corner border blocks.

This is the first Block of the Month for our new group and in my new home town. I am just "sew" excited!


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